2019 DGU Competition Changes

A new format is being trialed for our competitions in 2019 and the following from Competitions Convenor, Jim Paton, explains the changes.

“For the past few years as many of you are aware we have struggled to fill places in the various DGU meetings, this is also probably because players own club events clashed with DGU events and they also can now play in other OOM comps. and Opens. Plus of course trying to find a date to try and please the majority.

Another problem is that some of the DGU Clubs are reluctant to give up their course for a whole day as their members may only be able to play on that particular day.

So we have decided to try out for a trial period going back to the way it used to be played; combining both the County Championship (Scr.) and the Spring meeting. With the top 30 scratch scores from the Saturday to play on the Sunday to qualify for the last 16 match-play which will be played at Milngavie Golf Club on the 27th to 31st May.

The top 8 players (handicap) from the Saturday would then compete in a handicap match-play at Hilton Park Golf Club on the 28th to 31st May.

This way it doesn’t tie up the clubs for the whole weekend and midweek.

We are fortunate enough this year to have John Stirling (Dumbarton) on the competition committee, and as match-secretary, he was able to give us Dumbarton on the Saturday 4th May for the Spring Meeting & County Championship Qual. and the Sunday 5th May for the 2nd round Qualifying.

The other change this year is so that players who do not play in these DGU for fear that they go up .1 on their handicap, we have changed the Autumn meeting to a Canadian Pairs which hopefully bring in a bigger field and some fun into which would be the end of a busy season for all of us. Jim Paton, DGU Competitions Convenor.”

Entries are now open for the Medal and Match Play Championships and the Summer Meeting. DGU Competitions

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