DGU Interclub Knockout Tournament

The 2020 DGU Interclub Knockout Tournament draw will be available here.

draw inter club championship 2019

The contact details for players in this competition will be available in the following page, which is password protected:

Inter Club Contacts

Terms of the Competition : INTER CLUB KNOCK-OUT TOURNAMENT 2020

  1. A copy of the draw together with a list of all contact details as provided by the participating clubs will be sent to clubs.
  2. The first named club in each tie is the challenger and must offer three dates one of which to be at a weekend, i.e. Saturday/Sunday. The onus is on the challenger to make contact with their opponent within 14 days of the first round being published on the DGU website and within 7 days of subsequent draws from the time they are published on the DGU website. Any challenger failing to do so will forfeit the tie.The first named team has home advantage but the tie can be switched if both teams agree.
  3. It is the responsibility of the winner of each tie to notify the result to John Struthers (DGU Secretary) by e-mail to secretary@dgu.org.uk or by text to 07740 141176 without delay and certainly no later than 48 hours following completion date of the round to enable prompt update of the website. It should be noted that no extensions to completion dates will be granted. Any result not notified accordingly will see both teams eliminated from the competition.
  4. Teams to comprise of four players within the following handicap ranges
    1 scratch (or better)   – 5
    2    6 – 12
    3    13 – 20
    4    21 – 28
  5. Each player shall play against his opposite number within these ranges.
  6. In the event of a player having had his handicap adjusted prior to a previously arranged tie, which takes him out of his previous playing category the following will apply:
    A. If a player has his handicap adjusted upward out with his previous playing category he shall play off the maximum figure for his previous category.
    B. If a player has his handicap reduced out with his previous category he shall play off his new handicap but will stay in the category selected.
    NB. The above will only apply if a selected player’s handicap is adjusted on the day prior to the date of the match.
  7. Strokes given will be based on full handicap difference.
  8. Matches will be played over Singles Match play on the full 18 holes (ie. Holes up) and the winner of each round will be the club with the highest aggregate holes up.
  9. In the event of a tie the result of match 1 will determine the overall result. If this match is all square , match 2 result and so on will decide the winners. If still tied match 1 will play sudden death to determine the winners.
  10. No player can play for more than one club and whilst teams may be changed around the Tournament winning club will only receive a maximum of six prizes.
  11. All matches will be played off medal tees and will be played under Rules of Golf as adjusted by local/temporary local rules as may apply on the day.
  12. In the event of abandonment due to weather etc the match will be decided on completed games at the time of abandonment. If no games are completed at that time then the match will be replayed at the earliest possible date agreed between Conveners and DGU Officials.
  13. The final will be played at Cardross Golf Club on Saturday 12th September 2020.